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Adding Multifactor Authenticators and Passkeys (MFA)

For situations where a single factor authentication is not enough or a user's federated identify provider is not sufficient for the security of your application, you can add multifactor support. There are multiple ways to do this, and Authress supports adding a multifactor hardware or software device to any connection. That means, even for social connections, a hardware device such as a Yubikey can be added to the user's account to require an additional level before completing authentication.

Users can add any number of security keys and MFA authenticator devices to their account.


Even if not using Authress for authentication and user management you can connect any external provider and utilize the pre-built and configured MFA as a wrapper for your existing user management and get MFA out the of the box.


Redirect the user to create a security keyโ€‹

To configure user keys, redirect a login user to the Security Keys page:

(Application UI) Navigate to the Security Keys configuration page
import { LoginClient, UserConfigurationScreen } from '@authress/login';

const loginClient = new LoginClient({ authenticationServiceUrl: '', applicationId: 'app_YOUR_APPLICATION' });

await loginClient.openUserConfigurationScreen({
redirectUrl: window.location.href,
startPage: UserConfigurationScreen.MFA

The user experienceโ€‹

User setupโ€‹

Users will be able to add any of the security keys and review the existing keys they've attached to their identity profile.

Security Keys

Users will be prompted to complete the security challengeโ€‹

During their login attempt, they'll be automatically asked to provide their key.

Enter your MFA device code

Customizing the displayโ€‹

Authress offers a public component library which contains all of these elements to make it easy to extend your existing login portal and embed this functionality directly in your app. The web component library is available on GitHub.

Authress Admin Security keysโ€‹

As an admin of your Authress account you can add your own security keys, by using the Security keys menu item in the user profile drop down window.

Authress Security Keys