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User Authentication and Login

Authress provides fundamentally a way for your users to log in using any strategy they want. Usually this means one of:

  • A federated social provider
  • OpenID, OAuth2, SAML, or other standards
  • A direct account integration or passwordless using FIDO2 via WebAuthN
  • SSO via their corporate identity provider

There are many more but these are the most common ones.

Authress also enables your customers to create applications than can utilize your platform as a login mechanism for their software. In Authress that is called creating a Platform Extension.

Login Configuration

To configure login using Authress, start by following the general setup guide for enabling identity provider authentication. After doing so your users will be able to log in using an Authress hosted login screen or a custom one:

Customized login box

API authentication

Alternatively, if you looking for how to configure machine clients or add API keys and configure security your existing API endpoints, see the API authentication guide.