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All you need to know before adding auth to your project

Auth situation report

Before adding auth to your project, there is a lot to consider. The auth space is currently very active, with new vendors appearing and old ones repositioning themselves. How to pick the right one? What to search for? What are the common pitfalls? Read to find out.

What's the difference between authentication and authorization?

To authenticate or to authorize - what is the difference?

Authentication vs authorization - which one is which? Even experienced software developers confuse the two. Let’s make it crystal clear once and for all - what is the difference and why it matters.

Authorization may seem simple but always ends up more complex than you guess

So you want to build your own authorization?

When writing new software, it's hard to notice complexity creeping in. Authorization is one of the aspects where things start deceptively simple and before you notice, you end up in a zoombombing scandal.

Multitenant architecture comparison

How to secure a multitenant application architecture

Get help creating an application where multiple users share one account.

It's not worth gambling on data privacy of your users

Why companies gamble on user data privacy

Despite GDPR, we still hear about embarrassing data leaks, often at big tech companies. What is so difficult about protecting your users data? Turns out, it's just business...

Login standardization

OAuth Login should be standardized and this is why it cannot be

The problem of trust relationships in OAuth, how clients hold all the power, and why login/user identity should be standardized.

Unlocking JWT security in web apps

Validating JWTs in Web APIs

Securing a web application or api requires actually validating the access token that is being used. When using JWTs, there are two mechanisms for doing this.

API Client secret vault

Securely store client IDs and secret access keys

API access is provided through client IDs and secret access keys and because of the authority attached to these credentials they must be secured as safely as possible.

Selecting the right HTTP error code

Choosing the right error code 401, 403, or 404

Here we’ll break down the most common HTTP error responses used for the purposes of API security.

Magic links and passwordless login

Magic links and Passwordless login

Making user signup and login easy is critical to having a successful app. Magic links and passwordless login helps, however it can create many problems longer term, and not ones that have easy solutions.

Long running transactions with refresh tokens

Handling security of long running transactions

A deep dive into security of long running offline transactions using refresh tokens and service client tokens.

JWT role myths

JWT access token misconceptions

Tackling the myths of JWT roles at scale, what scopes are, and are CIAM providers expensive?


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