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Release Notes

Additional Custom Domains

To enable increased security and reliability Authress offers the ability to set a Custom Domain for your account. A Custom Domain enables your services to interact with Authress on a domain that you control. Any domain you own can be set. That domain will be used for:

  • API calls to Authress from the SDKs you configure
  • JWTs Authentication that Authress generates for your services

Historically, only one domain could be configured per account. In most cases you will only want a single domain, since it can create complex additional scenarios to deal with. For example, if valid tokens created by Authress now can be signed with either of two possible domains, now your services need to deal with two possible JWT Issuers.

In some cases this is intentional though, or perhaps you are in the process of rebranding, and need more than one domain to be active at the same time. Because of that, Authress now offers support for multiple simultaneous domains.

Enable an Authress custom domain