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Authress Pulumi provider

Pulumi Provider

Authress supports a first-class Pulumi provider to automatically configure Authress from Pulumi. The source of provider is available on GitHub.

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Since pulumi is usually configured and deployed through CI/CD automation, the necessary Authress credentials can be configured by following one of the Authress CI/CD guides. These guides make it easy to configure Authress credentials. Checkout the GitHub or GitLab documentation or jump to the Authress Management Portal to run the optimized quick start guide for CI/CD providers.


Install the Authress pulumi provider, and review the recommended usage in the Pulumi documentation.

Install the Authress provider for Pulumi
pulumi plugin install resource pulumi-resource-authress
# Specify your Authress custom domain, configured at
pulumi config set authress:customDomain
Create a test Authress role using Pulumi
import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi";
import * as Authress from "@pulumi/authress";

const authressRole = new Authress.Role("TestRole", {
roleId: 'test-role',
name: "Test Role",
description: "An example description for this Role",
permissions: {
"documents:read": {
allow: true

export let authressTestRoleId = authressRole.roleId;

See more details in the documentation for the Authress Pulumi provider.