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Okta integration guide

How to configure Authress to use Okta single sign-on experience.

Login to your Authress account

Go to your account settings, SSO Integration. Choose 'Okta' in the 'User Management Provider' drop down and follow the instructions on the screen.

For your reading convenience, you'll find the instructions transcribed below. In case of a discrepancy, the instructions on the screen are always up to date.

Set up Okta as your SSO provider in Authress

Follow the instructions on the SSO Integrations screen

  1. Specify your Okta tenant workspace.
  2. Click the 'Add Authress' button in the Authress SSO Integration screen. This will direct you to your Okta workspace and allow you to add Authress as an integration.
  3. In Okta, once you've added Authress to your Okta workspace, go to Sign On tab. Copy the Client ID and Client secret, then paste these back into Authress.
  4. In Authress, you're all set - save your newly configured SSO Integration.
  5. Back in Okta, you may want to go to 'Assignments' to set the permissions for who should be allowed to login to Authress with Okta SSO.

You're all set. This was easy, wasn't it?

Supported features

Authress supports both Service Provider-Initiated and Identity Provider-Initiated authentication flows.