User authorization API for software makers

Granular, role-based access for users of your software.

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Authress provides granular, role-based access for users of your software.

It enables easy login integration, as well as fine grained control over the permissions.

Authress helps when your software needs to:

  • … support multiple types of users
  • … restrict access to some parts while keeping other parts open
  • … work within enterprise IT environments
  • … be extra secure

Your team’s time is precious. Let them focus on your core business.

We take care of difficult things for you:

  • Data availability, backups, resiliency
  • Performance, caching, service uptime
  • Permission lookups, schema changes

With Authress, you don’t have to:

  • Write code that’s not your business logic
  • Install anything or maintain a server
  • Rewrite your code once you reach next level of scale

Authorization. It’s not about who you are, it’s what you can do.

Other solutions focus on identity - whether a user is who they say they are. Identity is the first step. That’s the easy part.

Knowing which features, actions, or data the user may access is what makes your software work.

Getting the right level of access for the right person is tricky, especially in B2B software.

Authress is currently the only full solution in the market offering authorization as a first-class concept.

What our users say:



Authorization - granular, role-based access

  • User groups
  • Hierarchy of roles
  • Permission and resource nesting
  • User invite flow

Authentication - easy login integration

  • SSO
  • Support for any standard ID provider
  • WebAuthN / Passkeys
  • Machine to machine authentication
Developer Experience

Developer experience - by developers for developers

  • First class API
  • API documentation and browser
  • SDKs in multiple languages
  • User permissions tester

Visibility - transparency and audit logs

  • SIEM integration
  • User insights
  • Access request tracking

What you get out of the box:

Your users’ data is safe with us.

Default SLAs for all customers, no matter the size

With Authress, you pay only for what you use.

0.0012 USD per call, billed monthly
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