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Authorization API for your application

Protect your assets. Ensure user data privacy. Make your app enterprise-ready.

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Authorization gets complicated quickly

Even if it appears easy, there is a lot of hidden complexity in identity access management (IAM). You don’t want to do it on your own.

It takes time to get authorization right

In simple cases, it takes an average software team 840 hours to implement authorization logic. As you add features to your application, this number grows rapidly.

Your biggest SecOps vulnerability is in your application

Without expertise, you leave your door wide open to malicious attacks. You risk compromising your user data, non-compliance with local regulations, and massive business losses.

Instead of hiring SecOps experts, call our API and enjoy simple and secure authorization in your application.
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What our users say:

Our most important pain point was to secure user data in a reliable way. Authress decreased our pain considerably here among cost of setting this system up ourselves, time to implement, and level of quality in the implementation. I'm grateful that this product exists. It made the cost of fixing the problem 'possible'.

Marcus Ellison Marcus Ellison, Founder and CEO, Venturemark

Our architecture is very modular with a lot of separate, autonomous microservices, so we needed distributed permission management. With Authress, my team was able to bake it in from the beginning. Architecturally, it’s been a great choice.

As we’re working in agile fashion, it’s great to have an ability to change roles and permissions easily as we go, instead of having to set them in stone at an early phase.

I couldn’t find another solution that offers this level of flexibility and permission control, and building our own would mean not focusing on our core competency. I was lucky to find Authress!

Rafal Nowosielski Rafał Nowosielski, Head of Technology, Adia Europe

We integrate with your existing identity providers:

Auth0 OpenId Akamai Microsoft Google Facebook Keycloak Okta PingIdentity
Getting started with Authress

Getting started with Authress

All you need to start using Authress, explained step by step.

Example Authress implementation

Using Authress to implement authorization in a simple app

Example implementation: integrating Authress into a simple expense reporting software project

How Authress compares to other auth solutions

AuthressAuthress logo
Granular permission schemes
Role-based access control
Unlimited enterprise connections * *
Internal app catalog
Secure session management
Single Sign-on (SSO)
Active Directory integration
Unlimited social logins * *
MF authentication
XSS-protected tokens
Developer features
Machine-machine authentication *
Distributed microservices support
OAuth 3.0 support
Management dashboard
User import/export
Unlimited users * *
Detailed usage logs
Custom domain/branding * *
Multi-region and data security compliance
On-premise *
Open source
Billing and support
Right-size billing
Cost transparency
Disaster recovery support
Concierge onboarding
* Only available in Enterprise plans


Picking the best auth solution

How to pick the best auth solution

Billing, caching, and rate limiting

Authress API - billing, caching, and rate limiting

Securing multi-tenant application

How to secure a multitenant application architecture

Error codes

Choosing the right error code: 401, 403, or 404

Authentication vs Authorization

To authenticate or to authorize - what is the difference?

Building your own authorization solution

So you want to build your own authorization?

More resources in our Knowledge Base.


Authress uses metered billing, so that you pay only for what you use.

  • Standard

  • First class Authorization APIs
  • User Authentication
  • Secure session management
  • Client SDKs
  • Identity Provider integration
  • Machine to Machine authentication
  • Unlimited users and access records
  • Email support
  • €0.0011 per call

    billed monthly

    Your first 1000 API calls are free.

  • Get started
  • Enterprise

  • In addition to Standard features:
  • Audit logs
  • Defined SLAs
  • Custom contracts
  • Usage exports
  • Priority support
  • Select custom usage buckets

    configurable billing

    Your first 1000 API calls are free.

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